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Previously one of the Yak 11 ex Egypt, it was sent to Russia for conversion to a Yak 3 ( 3 & 11 shared many design features including wing assemblies )  Fitted with Allison V1710 because of lack of availability of original Klimov V12. After major structural work was completed in Russia – returned to Duxford in UK where detail work was completed and UKCAA paperwork issued for the work done.
Apart from the Allison, the aircraft is very close to authentic Yak 3 specs, unlike the later “Reproduction” Yak 3’s and 9’s that has a totally different spec on the wing construction.

Our job was to amalgamate the work done to date and assemble, paint, certify and fly the completed aircraft.

This aircraft is now currently owned and flown by Arthur Dovey of Wanaka New Zealand