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This aircraft was purchased direct from Curtiss by the British Purchasing Commission (i.e. it was not a Lease-Lend aircraft with a USAAC serial).
It was delivered to the RAF on 6 November 1941 as AK940. It was allocated to the Royal Canadian Airforce and served with 111 Squadron. It was re-numbered to 1058 later in the war, and finally struck off charge on 16 August 1946. The aircraft also flew with 133 Squadron, was coded X and was based at Tofino, British Columbia and Sea Island, BC.

Tony Banta’s P-40E has undergone a 21 month restoration. Originally restored in the early 1980’s it was badly damaged in a forced landing in 1996. Stored for some time, it was initially purchased by Dick Thurman and subsequently sold to Tony Banta. Restoration was begun in June 2000 and it flew again on the 24th March 2002. The aircraft has made its debut at the ‘Warbirds Over Wanaka’ 2002 airshow.

The aircraft was another that was restored as joint venture between Pioneer Aero Restorations and Avspecs, using Pioneer’s large selection of tooling.

It is now based with Tony’s other aircraft at Livermore, California.