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 Coming soon aircraft components and aviation items for sale.These will be of interest to both aircraft restorers and memorabilia collectors.


P40E Project for sale.

This aircraft was recovered from Russia and has been in storage in New Zealand for 15+ years over which time most of the critical parts that were missing have been acquired. Some of the items included in the project are: A new build fuselage, donor wings, new wing spar caps and some new extrusion, new match angle and fuselage attachment “T” extrusion, all hydraulic components (a quantity of which have been overhauled), original/rebuildable flaps and ammo bay doors, a new build fin (this has now been completed), wing tip kits, undercarriage fairing pressings, main and tail undercarriage, instruments, new placards and water transfers, an original tailplane with new forged attachment fittings, fuel pump and gauges, seat, set of E model exhausts and shrouds.

A full set of project photos is available on request.


Shots below “as recovered”



Below are some photos of the components some original some over hauled.



Front windscreen



Placard set

Exhaust shrouds

Overhauled brake master cylinders.

main wheels tires and tubes.

Original seat


Tail wheel components.

New Build Fuselage.

Donor wings.

Other Projects for Sale.

P39 Q     Combat veteran, more details coming soon. Sold.

P40N-1    ex RNZAF. Enquire for details.

 Books for Sale.

All prices + P&P and GST if sold in New Zealand.


Pilots notes/Flight operating instructions,

originals and copies, various conditions  with prices ranging from $2. For the following.




Harvard 2* and 3*

Spitfire MkII

Fulmar 1 and Fulmar 11

Boston 3A

Barracuda Mk’s 2 and3

Dakota IV

Halifax 3 & 7

Vampire T.11

Vampire FB5

Lincoln 1 & 2                        


Defiant 2

Botha 1

Whitley V

Blenhiem V

Albacore 1

Horsa 1 Glider.

Canberra T mk4

Canberra T Mk 13

Albermarle 1, 2, V & VI


Lysander 3 and 3A

Balliol T.2